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The Tokenized
Healthcare Ecosystem
TimiHealth is the first platform whose blockchain technology allows for medical record transfers at lightning speed, with maximum security and availability.
Gathering Data
How is your data verified and shared to the blockchain?
Data from the patient's smart healthcare devices is gathered with the patient's permission for study and monitoring of the patient's daily activities.
What is it? Where does it come from? Where will it go? Here are some points you should know about TimiHR and Timicoin.
What problem are we solving?
Until now, healthcare was a broken network. Isolated facilities and isolated user data broke healthcare continuity. The scope was very narrow for data analysis, remote monitoring and global access to health data. TimiHR uses blockchain technology to create a network of authentic health data under which all the data can be accessed from anywhere in the world, anonymously and with the highest rate of availability and reliability.
Blockchain Technology
For Blockchain structure, TimiHR uses and follows multiple types of Blockchain structures like the DashPay based public ledger for Payments and Hyperledger based permissioned ledger for data sharing - Applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference. By referring these blockchain technologies, TimiHR resolves global acceptance, newest blockchain features and maximum trust on technology.
How is patient's data safe and private?
Our blockchain network never reveals the patient's identity unless granted permission by the patient. A unique identifier is utilized to distinguish between patients. When anyone requests data from the network, the patient is notified via the TimiPatient app. The patient grants the permission to use their data, revealing the identity. Without confirmation, the data on the blockchain is encrypted and cannot be accessed.
How does the mining and reward system work?
When miners mine the transaction, they are rewarded in the form of newly generated Timicoins and transaction fees. In some specific cases, patients will also be rewarded from the transaction fees for providing their data and identity for research or commercial purposes. Patients and management get their share, alloted from the total payment.
The Benefits
Why do we need to adopt blockchain
networks in healthcare and leave the old isolated
data storage systems?
As in blockchain, the latest node hash is passively connected to the previous node hash. If a node is tampered with by any user in the network, it can be easily detected. So the data remains consistent and secure.
With our blockchain network, patient's information will be available in real-time and across the globe! It can be accessed from any updated node of the system once permission is granted by the patient.
With Hyperledger, the system implements permissioned Blockchain network that will define user roles and access based on the type of user and the payment contracts. And the data does not leave the Hospital's computer unless it is shared on the Hyperledger channel after the contract initilization.
The Mobile Health Record Platform via a mobile
application allowing for complete security and portability
of your health records anywhere in the world.
The currency for the healthcare network
The secure chat platform for patients, providers and other data users
The secure cloud platform for all blockchain backups and data index references
HIPAA compliant, private, direct communication and file sharing platform for healthcare professionals built on blockchain technology.
The secure cloud servers and user nodes for all blockchain backups. Data index references are stored securely in a way that can be retrieved most efficiently from any node globally.
TimiPatient App
A convenient and portable interface for the patient to manage data permissions, health records, contact providers and send + receive Timicoins from their wallet.
Coming soon...
TimiHR Consumer Portal
The consumer interface provides data management and analysis features as well as payment facilities.
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